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Freestanding Panels

With so many companies building and selling so many different style Freestanding Panels it may be hard to decide which type would be best for your operation. Here at TH Custom Manufacturing we have been building the same style panel for years with great success. Here is a list of the things we do to insure you get the best possible panel at a fair price!
- Full frame design built from 2-7/8” pipe
- 24’ long x5’9”” tall
- 7/8 rod ran through the uprights to prevent sharp edges
- Bent legs to prevent panel from sliding and to allow your panel sturdy placement
- Saddle cuts on all uprights to allow solid clean weld all the way around the pipe
- Drain holes on all uprights to prevent rusting from within the pipe
- Double chains standard on all panels
- Optional gate hangers to allow gate to swing all the way around the panel
- Optional 5th upright and 6th rod for extra strength
- Shipping available anywhere in the US

Continuous Fence

Our continuous fence is built using 1 1/4" 14 ga round tube, with 1" square tubing used as uprights! Panels are each 20ft long. We offer 6 and 7 bar continuous fence.

Windbreak Panels

Our windbreak panels are 7 1/2' tall and 24' long. Each windbreak panel is sheeted with heavy 22ga. decking. Legs are 12' long to prevent them from blowing over with strong wind conditions. Legs can be removed for panel to lay flat during transportation.

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